Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Last days in Colombia

Days 8-10 in Colombia

Our final day in Riohacha was spent at a flamingo lagoon.

We ate seafood at the beach with Simon, Bill, and Stanley.

Sunday we started our 33 hour journey home.

We hired drivers in Bogota during the 11 hour layover.

Cordelia tried her first fajita
At the base of  Cerro de Monserrate.

Street food cart.  
View of the old city.

Then a night flight to Houston… to Chicago where we were met by...

During this 7 hour layover, we rented a car and took Claire on a tour of U.Chicago.

It was an amazing trip and we are blessed to take part is such a worthy project for Aguayuda.
Please join us in praying for rain for Guajira region.

Claire Tobin, Ellen Tobin, Kirsty Moriarty, Olivia Duron, Cordelia Stewart, Barbara Stewart, Cathy Hopper.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Travel update and photos from Day 8!

and DAY 8 in Colombia!

First, the travel update is that they are about to land in Chicago!

Here are pictures from the last day in Colombia:

We had an amazing final day in the field at Choles where a SkyHydrant is installed.

The SkyHydrant filters water from the Rio Tapia where people wash cars, horses roam…

… water trucks are filled …

… and people swim.

We gave the elementary students pictures drawn by students of Becka Timms

And they drew pictures for Becka’s class.

Bill Weaver, Aguayuda Director, donated a shaved head if $1,700 was raised

Donors prevailed and Bill was shaved clean by the staff.
Seaside farewell to the entire staff of Aguayuda in Riohacha.

So many blessings!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Travel itinerary for the return trip from Colombia to Bangor


Sunday July 19 2015   Avianca Airlines Flight 8429 
                                      leaves Riohacha 5:28PM
                                      arrives Bogota 7:02PM

Monday July 20, 2015  United Airlines Flight 1006 
                                                leaves Bogota Colombia   12:14 AM
                                                arrives Houston TX 5:24AM

                                                     United Airlines Flight 638
                                                  leaves Houston, TX  7:15AM
                                                  arrives Chicago IL 10:00 AM

                                                                      United Airlines Flight 3643 
                                                 leaves Chicago IL  5:44PM
                                                 arrives Bangor 9:19 PM

We are grateful for a successful trip and pray for smooth and safe travels!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

News from Day 7!

News from Ellen about Day 7!

The lab is in full production. 

 We forgot to mention our (egg) incubator broke in transit so we turned the sealer case into a make-shift incubator.  It requires hot water bottles throughout the day and night.

Micro lab comparing our Idexx system to Aguayuda’s membrane filtration to ensure our results match.

Chem lab running side by side comparisons. 
 Our equipment matches their WagTech results.  Aguayuda can now run tests and be confident of their results.

Barb collecting filtered water from spigots.

One of the many windmills that pump water from a well to a holding tank.

Our MacGyvered incubator. 

Team Colombia will start to travel back on Sunday July 19th at 5:15PM (or so) and will arrive in Bangor at 9:19PM Monday July 20th.

The flight numbers / itinerary will be posted tomorrow.

Pray for safe travels!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

More news from Day 6!

We received more updates on Day 6 in Colombia!

We had a full day of field testing in schools and at community wells.

Still no sign of rain as the drought stretches into the 8th month. 

 We saw areas that look like the desert will claim the land if rain does not fall soon.

Testing a filter in a Wayuu community.

Kirsty teaching the children about taking a selfie!

A goat drinks from a trough where women had been washing their clothes.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes with Wayuu children

Day 6 Colombia--Wednesday

Day 6 Pictures

This was the team's last "field day".
Thursday they will teach people how to use the lab.
Pray for continued blessings as they complete their work.